Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Inquiry Research

WALT research and find facts about a local arrtist and their musical influences.

Sucess Criteria:

Research early life and backgrounds
Research awards, highlights, insights.
Our insights, what connections we have with this artist.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Holiday Recount

Slam!  The axe hit the trunks of the trees.  The whole land turned pitch black.  In one of the trunks a furry character called the Lorax was sound asleep.  The Lorax asked who chopped down the tree down.  It was Ted that chopped down the trees.  But  he didn’t want the Lorax to nnow this. When the Lorax was not looking Ted dropped his axe on the bears head. He wanted the Lorax to think that the bear had cut down the trees, when it really was Ted that cut down the trees for himself.  He wanted to plant them in his back yard.  The trees grew and he used the wood to make the roof for his house.

Pakuranga to Whangamata.

"Are you all ready?" my Mum asked me before we left."Yes" I answered.We were going to Whangamata for a night. We were going to stay at my cousins's bach."I'm bored" my brother moaned on the way there."Are we there yet?"I asked."No" my mum growled. When we got there we took everything out of the car and put them away.Then our cousins Emily, Olivia and Sam showed us our bedrooms. The girls slept in the 'Sleepout'. There was a bunkbed in the 'Sleepout'. I slept in the top bunk. When we had finished making our beds we got our shoes on and walked down to the beach. It was HOT! When we got to the beach we walked into the water and then 'SPLASH!!' All I heard was a scream from Emily because her dress got soaked from a huge wave. "Ha!Ha!Ha!" Uncle Grant started laughing. 'SPLASH!!' Then we all got wet. "Okay time to go now!" Uncle Grant shouted.When we got home we quickly got changed so we could go and say hi to my cousins friend. When I had finished getting changed we went to the living room. When we got there I saw Ethan, Bailey, Tony and Tanya. They were Emily's friend's family. "Lets play hide and-" Olivia cut short."Mmm, what's that yummy smell?" asked Sam licking his lips."FOOD!!!" shouted Emily as if she hadn't been fed in weeks. "It's the barbeque."anwered Olivia.We walked over to the barbeque and saw steak, sausages, chicken and lamb being cooked on the barbeque. We strolled over to the kitchenand saw Aunty Leigh making salad, potato bake and crumbed chicken."Okay then, what are we going to play?" asked Bailey. "Well we can play hide and-" Olivia's sentence cut short again."DINNER'S UP!!" Yelled Uncle Grant. "Yay!" we yelled. We all grabbed different kinds of delicious food. My favourite was the potato bake. When we finished the yummiest dinner ever, we had to say goodbye to Ethan and his family. Then we went to get our pyjamas on. "It's time for bed" said Aunty Leigh."Do we have to?" moaned Emily."Yes, it's getting late and you have to be ready for another action-packed day" replied Aunty Leigh."Alright" said Emily. "Goodnight, Aunty Leigh" we all said.

"Ahh"my sister yawned as we all woke up."It's cold up here on this bed." I said to my cousins." Well then come down here, with us." answered my cousin Emily. So I climbed down from the top bunk down to the ground. Then we all walked over to my Aunty and Uncle's room to say good morning. Then they led us to the kitchen for breakfast."The options are cocoapops, toast, weet-bix or starve." said Uncle Grant. When I finished my cocoapops, we all quickly got changed into our togs, because we were going for a 3 minute walk to the beach. When it was time to go to the beach, we all grabbed our boogie-boards, out of the garage and ran down to the beach with my Uncle, Aunty, Mum, Dad and my cousins. When we got there the tide was 2 metres from the grass. We ran staight down to the water with our boogie-boards strapped around our wrists and waited for a wave to come. When a wave came we looked at the sand and lay on our boogie-boards until the wave went under us then. . .  SWOOSH!! The wave made me go onto the sand. So I ran back out into the water. When it was 11:30 we walked back home for lunch. For lunch we had sandwiches. In the sandwiches was ham, chicken, lettuce and cheese. With the sandwiches was chips and biscuits. After the most delicious lunch I have ever had we went to the estuary and saw the New Zealand dotteral. The water was absolutely crystal clear. then we walked up to the dairy and got an ice-cream. The ice-cream flavour that I got was maple shortcake. It was YUMM!!!!! When we got home it was nearly 5:00 pm. Uncle Grant said it was time to go to Clark Island. We were going to walk there at low tide. When we got to the beach we ran over to Clark Island. As soon as we got there we found a stick and wrote something on the sand. I wrote my name. While I was playing in the water, all of my cousins went with Tony for a bush walk. The tide was getting so my Mum took me back to the other side. We waited but the others were still not back. I was getting scared, but then. . . "Theres Emily. I can see her pink togs amongest the trees!" I yelled in suprise. "They better get here in time" My Mum said. 3 minutes later they got across. It was cold so we quickly got in the car. When we got home we changed into our pyjamas and went to have dinner. For dinner we had homemade pizza. When we finished dinner it was time for us to leave on our journey back to Pakuranga.      

Thursday, 10 May 2012

LG At Timezone.

During the holidays my Mum left for Australia.
My Dad, Brother and I were left in the pigsty for the next 4 days.
We finally thought we weren’t going to lounge around all day we were actually going to do something!
We decided to go to TIMEZONE.
Dad had lent his car to my Opa (my Grandfather is dutch) So we had to take my Mum’s Bomb!
Finally the groaning car came to A full Halt.
I was so excited that I Rushed over to the counter and I asked if I could buy some tokens.
He gave me Ten of them!
I dashed over to Slam-A-Winner but then I turned my head around and I saw all the people frantically spending there money on the games non-stop and soon after it was all over for them!
So I decided I was Going to spend my money slowly.
I inserted my first dollar into Slam-A-Winner and the game started.
Slam-A-Winner is where you have to try land balls into the holes, all the holes have numbers on them and whatever hole you land the ball in you win that amount of tickets.
I hit the red button and my first ball fell directly into the 100 hole!
I hit it again and it sadly fell into the 10 hole.
I hit it for the last time and to my surprise it landed straight into the Jackpot, the Jackpot value was 167!
Suddenly 277 tickets squirted out the ticket slot!
I was blown away, 277 tickets!
Next I went to Deal Or No Deal, it’s my favorite game.
My wish has always been to win the 200 ticket brief case which is the most you can win!
I put my 2 dollars in and the games started.
I picked my personal case and not long after I was sitting in front of the last 2 cases, 75 and 200!
I couldn’t believe that I was this close to getting that 200 in my case!
I thought to myself, “I have at least 75 but at the same time I desperately wanted that 200 so I couldn’t stand sitting in front of torture so I just opened my case and inside was 200 200 200 200 200!
I was so excited that I screamed!
My wish had been for filled!
This was my dream come true!
I had finally done it!
Then 200 tickets started to squirt out for miles non-stop.
After about a minute it finally stopped squirting out!
What a sight!
It was Outrageous.
The tickets went for about 13 1/2 meters!
  After about 30 minutes of playing more games I went to the ticket machine.
I inserted my first roll of tickets.
At high speed it literally flung the tickets right out of my hands!
The counter was going up the highest I had ever seen!
100 200 250 600 800 900 999 1000!
 Finally the counter came to a stop.
1174 tickets!
I had never got that many EVER in my life!
Then a little receipt popped out through a little slot.
It read You have won 1174 tickets.
I walked over to the counter and asked the lady there “Can I please receive my prizes now”?
She replied “Of course”.
She grabbed her key and walked with me over to the prize cabinet.
I chose A make yourself cardboard car, 2 stamps, a bowling pin money box, a polystyrene dinosaur model that can fly, a sticker album and 2 more bouncy balls.
I was completely spoiled!
“This had been an amazing day” I Thought as the doors of timezone flapped closed.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Holiday recount

In the holidays I was excited.I was going to Arzan's house on the Saturday 2:00pm.We played xbox  
 Xbox 360 Kinect. The first game I played was Joy Ride.we played the stunt one called Paradise Pipes in pro. Arzan won the first round,then I won the second round.A few minutes later,we play kinect sports.first we played track and field. Next we played table tennis.I lost and Arzan won, Next we played Sonic Unleashed. That game was fun.I went home at 5:00.I had a great time at Arzan’s house.Arzan was the champion of boxing and he beat the champion so he won the championships.

During the holidays I also stayed home.I played on my computer,I played on Y8.com and I played Super Drift 3D .It wasn’t actually on 3D. Sometimes I couldn’t control the car and the car hit the walls.this happened two times and it went BANG! BANG!.I liked that car game.It was fun.

During the second week, I was very excited .I was going to the Hoyts Cinemas with Mum,Marco(my little brother) and I was going to watch The Lorax in 2D. First we needed to buy a ticket. It cost $36.We were early for the movies so we went to Hannahs to buy shoes for my mum.When it was 12:30pm we went back to the cinemas and we gave the tickets to the man then we went to cinemas number 2.I sat on on seat E21,Mum E20 and Marco E19.It was nearly about to start.My mum bought popcorn to eat while we were watching The Lorax.the funny part was when the little guy was sitting on a car that was long and the fat guys were driving the car.The little guy was so funny when he got hit in the face by of boiling hot water.I had a happy day when I went to the Cinemas.

My holiday

On the first day of the holidays I went golfing with my dad. We went and played at the Howick Golf Club. I lost by 13 points. After golfing we went home and Brian was there. Brian wanted to play so we played 2 player games and Sonic Unleashed on my Xbox. Brian promised me he’ll come to my house every saturday. A few days later my whole family went to the cinemas to watch The Lorax. It was so funny. I laugh so much that I nearly fell out of my seat. On Saturday my cousin felt sick. We had to take him to the doctors. I knew it was going to be boaring so I took my PSP to the doctors to play. The next day we had family day. We got to do everything.  We played board games and outside games like tag together. This was the best holiday I ever had.