Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Term 1 Recount

Our trip to Te Tuhi

The sun was gleaming so bright it was as glossy as the stars and the moon of the night sky, as we walked silently out of school.Room 28 were going to Te Tuhi art centre in Pakuranga . We were going to present our play and create a collage poster based on our maori legend, How Maui slowed the sun.We got there by walking. Before we went to Te Tuhi art centre we got into a group of 4. Then 1 person from each group got their bag and put their group’s water-bottles in it.After that we got our hats and put them on our heads and started marching quietly out of school. The hills made us exhausted.

When we got to Te Tuhi art centre we walked inside and met our art teacher, Jeremy. “Put your bags and hats in this white storage box please” Jeremy instructed us. He said to us to line up in front of an art gallery, to perform our play.We had so much fun. We had a discussion about our performance.Next we went into the art studio to create our collage poster. We all had a different job to do on our poster. I was doing the steaming hot sun.I had to use hot colors for that.When we had completed our posters we got up and showed our posters to everyone.We had a chat about our favourite bit about the poster.

After that we walked out of the art studio and back to white storage box. We grabbed our bags and said goodbye to Jeremy. Then we set off  on our journey again, back to school. I had so much fun at Te Tuhi art centre,it was an amazing learning experience.