Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lake Taupo

                                             Lake Taupo resort

On the first day of the holidays we went to taupo. We stayed there for 2 days. It had a warm swimming pool a spa, tennis courts and karts. We went there to watch my dad do his bike race. when we got there we saw a swimming pool. When we got in the pool  we didn't want to get out. We were in 4 times in one day!. We went in cabbins that were called units. We had 2 tvs that had sky. My dad had to wake up at 6;00.We were proud of him. arfter we saw him go past the finish line we dashed back, zipped into our togs and jummped into the pool when we got in it was about 4'oclock and when we got out it was 7'oclock. We were in there for three hours. Our hands were wrinkly we looked as if we were 90 years old.  In the next hour we went out for dinner it was resturaunt were we could reafill our plates as many times as we liked I had 5 refills of of differen't dinners for free. they were 5 of the best dinners I had i was AMAZED!. When we woke up we were packing to go home so we went for breakfast and went home. My dad was riding from rotorua to taupo It took him just over 3 hours and 15 minutes.


                                                                   A Weekend At Thames

On Saturday 21st of April 2012, me and my sister Fran went to Thames to stay at my aunty's house. Before we wnet to my aunty's house, we had to meet her at my other aunty's house. It took us about 25 minutes for us to get there. While we were driving to my aunty's house in Hillborough, I was watching a movie called "Ratatouille"to entertain myself while we were heading there, and it wasn't too long to drive there. Once we were at my aunty's to meet my other, we came inside and had a snack and a drink. It took about 15 minutes for my aunty to realise that we had to go to Hillsborough to Thames. So once we finished our drinks and sancks, we said our goodbyes we took off. While we were in the car, I was still watching Ratatouille. It took us about 2 hours to get there. We had to make a few stop's on the way. It was 7:30 by the time we were there. We took our bags upstairs into the lounge and watched Destroyed in Seconds, a bit of Terra Nova and American Idol. For dinner we had Fish'n'Chips and some Pepsi. In our pepsi's we ahd flashing ice cubes that turned red. After dinner we had Peanut Slabs and they were yummy. After all that food, we watched Around The World In 80 Days. When the movie was finished, we went to bed in my cousins room. He had a bunk bed. Fran got the top and I got the bottom. The next day, we were up ans started packing boxes. I found a box with bunch of old Superhero Comics. There were G.I. Comics, Spider-Man Comics, X-Men Comics, Fantastic Four Comics, Wolverine Comics, Cable Comics and The Incredible Hulk Comics. So I opened the box up and I grabbed a bunch of comics, ran upstairs and put them in my bag. After going through more comics we went upstairs and started packing books and her shelf. It was like and emporium of books. She had Rolling Stone Mags, books and more books, DVD's and CD's. We had about 6 or 7  boxes fulled with books. When we finished packing the last box, we had lunch. We all had frozen Hawaiin Pizza. While we were having having lunch at, my auntie's friend came over for a cup of tea and a biscut. Her and my aunty were having a chat while me, Fran, my other auty and my uncle were stuffing our faces with pizza. After several minutes of eating pizza, we were back at packing more boxes. We went through stuff that she didn't need. We went through some old clothes and she said that if we see something we like, we could have it. I didn't know she just meant clothes, because I went into my cousin's room and asked if I could have his drum set. We spent about 2 hours in her garage and then it was about 6 or 7pm by the time we finished. We went upstairs and got our bags and other stuff. We came into the lounge and said goodbye to ur aunty. She walked us outside and we got into our Uncle's car and we left Thames. The End.   

The Amazing Movies

 WALT write a descriptive recount of one part of our holiday.

Perching in a pitch black room surrounded by giggles.
Unexpected deafening grizzly bear growls.
Fizzy bubbles, buttery popcorn, melting chocolatey chocolate ice-cream.
Flowing down my throat and landing in my stomach.

Ice Age 4

 WALT write a descriptive recount of one part of our holiday.

Eating ice cream and drinking coke at the movies.

Slurping melty chocolate ice.
Bubbles sprinting to the surface.
Tiny seeds transforming and exploding.
Unexpected noises.
Got butterflies in my tummy.

Running to the movies

WALT write a descriptive recount of one part of our holiday.

Pants falling down while running to the movies. 

Sprinting for my life.
No belt in sight.
Skinny jeans showing a bit of beans.

Paradise Ice skating

 WALT write a descriptive recount of one part of our holiday.

Slippery ground falling down.
Holding onto rails hoping not to slip.
Trying to balance, Fail!
Pants full of ice.
Freezing freezing ice.

The Awesome Movies

WALT write a descriptive recount of one part of our holiday.

Eating pop corn and drinking coke at the movies.

Pop crunch, crunch pop pop all the goodies down my throat.
Slurp slurp, dripping down my shirt.
Giggling crazy all seems hazy!

Friday, 27 July 2012


 WALT write a descriptive recount of one part of our holiday.

Watching the stars at night.

Suddenly a flash of light wakes me.
A commet zooms past me.
Bangs and pops surround me.
Little eyes watch  me until morning.

Going to Son SK8

WALT write a descriptive recount of one part of our holiday.

Son Sk8, noisy indoor skate park.
Ramps, jump, scooters and skate boards.
Made of wood, now with lots of holes,
lots of people really cool.