Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My Acrostic Poem

C.W Haiku

L.G. Harry Potter Key-Note

Saving water and Energy

We read a book called "Saving Water and Energy".  This graph shows how much water we use.  Did you know that we use the most water outdoors.  We use this water when we water our garden, clean cars, filling up swimming pools and spa pools.

Laptop day

Laptop Day on PhotoPeach One Friday Mrs H borrowed enough laptops for our class of 24 to have one laptop each these are some photos of our hard work


W a l t write a onomatopoeia.
This is a wordle of  all the onomatopoeia's that I know

Simile wordle

This is my wordle of all the similes I know.

Wheels Day

Wheel's Day on PhotoPeach

This slideshow is about wheels day. It was on the 15 of March. We had so much fun. Heaps of people were on the field, riding their bikes. Everyone enjoyed it.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

WALT sing a waiata to support our haka powhiri.

Kua Rongo

Kua rongo mai koe i te reo pohiri

E karanga ake nei e

E karanga ake ana i te ao whanui

Piki mai kake mai ra

No wai te reo no wai te mana

E karanga ake nei e

Ko te reo mana nui

Ko te mana rongonui

Te kura o Pakuranga e

We are trying to learn this song so that we dont need the words.  Here is the song to help us practice.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Our visit with Paula Green

Paula Green is an author who writes poetry.  She lives in West Auckland at Bethells Beach where the sand is black and the waves are wild.  Paula lives with her husband, Michael, her 2 dogs (Nonu and Molly) and her 2 cats (Agile and Weetbix).  She also had 2 daughters, Estelle and Jorja.
Paula asked us what we knew about poems.
These are some responses from the children.

Paula then read some poems to us from her book called Flamingo Bendalingo: Poems from the Zoo.  She asked us to call out some words that "Sparked."  These are the words in the poem that  jumped out at us.
One of our favourite poems in this book is about the elephant.  There was not one "real" word in the poem.
Paula gave the Year 3 children the opportunity to write a poem.  Each child had to say a line about the the small puppet that they were given to hold.
The Year 6 children were then given the same opportunity.  They came up with an amazing poem.  Well done Y6 children.
Paula then read a couple of poems about her fat cat Charlie from her book Macaroni Moon.
Where the Mild things are.
Paula read a poem to us which was a whole lot of titles from books that were put in a blender and all mixed up.  These were some of the titles in her poem.

Wind the willows.
Lord of the Rings
Tell you a secret
George Marvelous medicine
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The hungry caterpillar
A series of unfortunate events
The lion in the meadows
Paula then read a very special picture book that was a story that she used to say to her girls when they went to bed.  This book is called Aunt Concertina and her Niece Evalina.
It was very interesting listening to Paula and we are looking forward to working with her this afternoon.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Spring is here by I.R

This is a cinquain poem.  My cinquain is about spring, with beautiful flowers! I.R