Thursday, 25 October 2012

Time For Touch

It was nearly time, nearly time to meet my team. I was thrilled to be back at touch because I love touch. I was at Lloyd Elsmore Park waiting for my team, but I couldn't see anyone wearing the same uniform as me. Then I saw someone walking towards me. " Are you in Bears Gold?" she asked me.
" Yes." I answered.
"Come to the cafe so you can meet one of your team mates." She said.
"Hi, I'm Anya." The girl introduced herself.
"I'm Paris." I answered her. Then a man with a pearl white shirt and a silver whistle strolled into the cafe. Inoticed he was looking for Anya and I. The lady told us that he was our co-coach and referee. The man took us to where the rest of the team was practicing. He said sorry for being so late. Anya and I then introduced ourselves. The whole team introduced themselves.
"Hi Paris and Anya, I'm Phil, your coachand this is Chloe, Ruby, Carla, Amitee and Talia. They are your team mates this season. Now lets do some practice." Phil explained. We did some passes and sprints. In 5 minutes we were ready to face the Wiki Workz. The horn went and it was our turn on the hockey turf. I ran onto the field in my place which was wing. Our referee blew the whistle and we were off. We played defence first." Touch!" my team mate yelled. We back pedalled to the referee which is running backwards. " Touch!" another one of my team mates yelled. We back pedalled again. The Wiki Workz ran to the tryline while I was running full speed. She scored a try while I was still running like a speeding train. Then it happened. . .
I tried to stop myself but I couldn't come to a complete stop. I skidded on the hockey turf grazing my knee and making it bleed. When I stopped skidding everyone started asking " Are you alright ? Are you okay?" All the questions with the same answer; "Yes, I'm fine." We played on. Chloe came on as a sub for me. I had a quick drink of water before I went back to play. The horn went for halftime. We went back to our coach so he could have a talk to us about the game. He told us we were doing well for our first game together and that it doesn't matter if we win as long as we have fun. We went back onto the field ready for the Wiki Workz for a second time. Our team kept passing the ball around so we couldn't get touched. Finally! We got a try. This was because we worked together as a team. Our game was nearly over, but not before they scored the last try. When the game was over we all said thank you to the referee and shook hands with the Wiki Workz. We all had a drink of water before my mum/ the manager told us who got player of the day. Phil said that we had lost but I had lots of fun. When we all made huddle my mum told Phil who should get player of the day. Phil agreed with what my mum thought. We did a drum roll while Carla kept saying "Its you Talia, its you." and Talia answered " Its gonna be you Carla" and guess who was right. . .
 Even though it was Carla's first time playing I thought she was really good because she kept reminding us to work together.

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