Thursday, 25 October 2012

Snow Fight

Snow Fight!
My holidays ended up being spectacular!  My family and I were in Ohakune, near the famous township of Taupo.  We were going up the freezing Mountain Ruapehu.  Actually we weren't, we were going to the bottom of the mountain.  Boring right? I know!  I was buckled up in my seatbelt.  The roads were extremely dangerous, first of all there weren't many safety rails on the side of the road, so that was dangerous and second of all the roads were pretty steep.  I didn't even want to look down!  After minutes of awkward silence, we were finally there.  I quickly took my gloves and scarf, then I ran like a wild animal to the snow.  But I slipped and landed headfirst in the snow!"Ouch!" I whimpered.  When I stood up something hit me.  I turned around and then it hit me again, smack in the face!  Before the sneak could strike again, as quick as a flash I made a snowball and threw it at... my brother!  I should have known it was him! "This means war!" I growled to myself.  But before the war could start, dad spoke up. "You do know this is fake snow right?" "Oh yeah! Sure I do, totally! I lied. My brother and I went back to our war. As fast as I possibly could, I made a couple of snowballs, then I fired them at my brother. Yay! I hit the target!  He threw more at me than I did at him!  Before our war got out of hand, mum said it was time to go.  I quicky made another snowball and threw it at my brother as my mum's back was turned.  He gave me an angry look.  I didn't care I just walked to the car.  Dad was driving really slow and in my mind I was thinking "Could dad get a ticket for driving this slow?"  But the road was dangerous so it was for the best.  After what seemed like ages we arrived at our chalet.  I loved the snow and the mountain.  Maybe next time it will actually snow so we might go skiing or snow boarding as well! Now that would be COOL!

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